America, The Great Satan?
by Stu Cohen

America doesn't do enough to help other countries.

America has an ongoing record of generosity that is unmatched. We and our allies defeated Hitler's Germany, Imperial Japan and Fascist Italy. Then we fed them, rebuilt their countries and welcomed them as friends. No country has spilled more of its own blood or spent more of its treasure, in helping other countries.

What do other countries do after winning wars?

America is a racist country.

Middle Eastern, Asian and African countries calling America racist is a wonderful hypocrisy. America has, and is working on its racial problems, as few countries have. In many countries, racial, tribal and religious hate is national policy. Only the western democracies welcome people of all religions, nationalities and races.

Update: Americans recently elected their first black (actually mixed race) president. No other majority white country in history has done that.

Have you forgotten why people from every corner of the world still risk their lives and the lives of loved ones to move to America?

In your search for new home in a fairer, freer society would you emigrate to a Middle Eastern, Asian, or African country? Would you move to Russia or China?

America brought this on itself.

  • Do you blame America because the Palestinians and Israelis can't find peace?

  • Do you blame America because Egypt's government is far from perfect?

  • Do you blame America because Saddam Hussein was a murderous tyrant?

  • Do you blame America because Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait and Saudi Arabia?

  • Do you blame America for setting foot on "Sacred Muslim Soil", while freeing Kuwait and protecting Saudi Arabia from Saddam Hussein?

  • Do you blame America because Saudi Arabia has an unpopular regime?

  • Do you blame America because homegrown Taliban murderers took power in Afghanistan?

  • Do you blame America because Afghani people were killed while we saved them from their homegrown Taliban murderers?

  • Do you blame America because there was inter-tribal genocide in Rwanda?

If you do, you probably believe that America is to blame for the murderous events of September 11th, 2001. Please list for me, exactly what punishments American civilians deserve? Name the members of your family that these murderers should kill next.

It's time for clear thinking.
When there is a fact of nature, no amount of negotiating can change it. All living things and therefore all countries act in, what they perceive as, their own interest. We ignore that bedrock fact of nature at our own risk.

The Palestinians, Al-Queda, ISIS, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran, Syria, North Korea and their ilk do not want "fairness" from us or anyone else. They want to win.

I don't blame them for it. I don't hate them for it. I don't care what excuses they give, even if they themselves have come to believe them.

See it for what it is.

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